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InstaReview: Deacon King Kong by James McBride

"All intangibles are forgiven, I accept them and more - your faults, your dips and turns, everything, because our love is a hammer forged at the anvil of God and not even your most foolish, irrational act can break it."

Deacon King Kong’s reputation precedes it, having garnered acclaim in the form of various literary awards including a listing on the New York Times’ Top 10 Book of the Year, and a prized position on Obama’s Favorite Books of the Year list. However, as can be the case for us when we go into a book with lofty expectations, we were left with a sense of anti-climax. Admittedly, McBride has woven together a fascinating and hilarious community (inspired by his own childhood housing project), and their stories on an individual level are compelling. But when it comes to synthesizing these stories together into a cohesive whole, we found the novel a bit wanting. With that said, the second half of the novel picked up steam and was more fast paced and compelling, so if you find yourself pushing through the early pages, we encourage you to keep going.


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