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InstaReview: Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

"For a second, there was that weird flicker in her eyes, that wickedness that I loved, that I wanted to live inside. A wicked child was the most beautiful thing in the world."

We think that Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson is a great beach read. It is fun and charming with just the right amount of depth to keep you turning the pages. The story focuses on Lilian, who is struggling to find purpose in her life and manage to be a put-together adult. She receives an unexpected call from an old friend, Madison, with a request to care for her two step-children. With nothing better to do, Lilian accepts the offer. However, these two children are not ordinary children, and while they are difficult to care for, their mischievousness, their differences, and their resulting loneliness is something Lilian can understand. The author does a great job of intertwining the development of their relationship and Lilian's growth with the absurdity of the situation, and for that, we applaud him!


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