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InstaReview: Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia

"We are more than we think we are."

Of Women and Salt is a short but compelling debut novel from Gabriela Garcia. We follow two different families, one Cuban and one Salvadoran, who come to the United States at different times and in different ways but whose stories converge around similar themes of female resilience, loving something that doesn't love you back, and the complex relationships between mothers and daughters. The novel weaves through multiple timelines and character perspectives to illustrate the spectrum of immigration experiences, from 19th century Cuba to Mexico to Miami and back again. It's a book that's best read in one sitting because the different characters and time periods can be confusing to follow. We enjoyed this book, but in covering so much ground in so little space it left us wanting more. In particular, the Cuban threads are richly detailed and well-developed, but the Salvadoran storyline gets shorter shrift and felt disconnected from the rest of the book. 4 stars from #owcbookrecs.


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