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InstaReview: Saint Sebastian's Abyss by Mark Haber

“Art, in other words, can mean as much to the professional as to the layman, as much to the sophisticate as to the simpleton because art, when all is said and done, should touch the soul, should it not?”

If an absurd, dark comic novella you can read in one sitting is what you seek, look no further than Saint Sebastian’s Abyss by Mark Haber. What a delightful journey to enter the world of two estranged best friends and art critics, and their single-minded devotion (read: obsession) to the eponymous painting. These two characters are pretentious and unlikeable in the best way, and through them we are immersed in existential musings on the art world, academia, religion, and contemplation of the apocalypse in a gripping and hysterical stream of consciousness. We wholeheartedly recommend Saint Sebastian’s Abyss!


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