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InstaReview: The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles

"Wouldn't it have been wonderful, thought Wooly, if everybody's life was like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Then no one person's life would ever be an inconvenience to any else's. It would just fit snuggly in its very own, specially designed spot, and in so doing, would enable the whole intricate picture to become complete."

Amor Towles once again comes to us with a beautifully written story, this time, an adventure of sorts. The Lincoln Highway traces Emmett, his brother, several friends, and a motley of other characters on a trip across 1950s America. While driven by a quest plot-line, Towles' writing captures the personalities of the myriad of characters so richly and distinctly. While the book may look thick and intimidating, with the way he writes, we could just keep reading all day. There were some characters that grated the nerves and a few character threads that were less compelling than others, keeping us from giving it a stand-out 5. But it comes in very close at a 4.5!


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