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InstaReview: The Nineties by Chuck Klosterman

"No stories were viral. No celebrity was trending. The world was still big. The country was still vast. You could just be a little person, with your own little life and your own little thoughts. You didn't have to have an opinion, and nobody cared if you did or did not. You could be alone on purpose, even in a crowd."

The Nineties is Chuck Klosterman's newest wisecracking, aptly-named book. In his quintessential style, Klosterman recaps the decade for us and interweaves the politics, media, events, and international changes that shaped how the nineties was known both while it was happening, and now in retrospect. He also focuses heavily on the generation who were coming of age in that time- known as Gen X- and the telltale values that this demographic cohort is stereotyped as having en masse. He is an expert in tying together various aspects of what made the nineties what they were, and that is enjoyable to think about and relive. However, while we applaud Klosterman for acknowledging his privileged and limited point of view head-on at the start, this book does synthesize a decade solely from a white middle-class perspective. Regardless, we think you’ll enjoy the nostalgia and wit that is on offer.


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