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InstaReview: The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Finch

"I suppose they cannot imagine what a person might be called upon to endure, when a line of poetry can mean the difference between strength and despair."

In classic OWC fashion, our idea of a “summer read” is not always light and airy. We love an intense saga and @janetfitch323 delivered a hell of a page turner (as she always does) with The Revolution of Marina M. Fitch professes to having had this book in her for many years before finally being able to put it to paper, and her love of Russian history and literature shows.

In it, the titular protagonist, Marina, is a privileged, bright teenager growing up in the midst of the Russian Revolution while trying to educate herself and establish her political and intellectual ideology. We grow up with her over the course of several formative years and bear witness to the effects of unrest and trauma on her personality as her environment forces her to become harder even while she yearns to remain tender.

The Revolution of Marina M has something for everyone - moral dilemma, unrequited love, political unrest, poetry, existentialism, betrayal, the list goes on. Don’t let the denseness of this tome scare you away - we promise you will find time is not an object when reading this story. Five stars!


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