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InstaReview: The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

"Small bookstores have the romance of doomed intimate spaces about to be erased by unfettered capitalism."

The Sentence by Louise Erdrich is true wonder and an excellent read for #nativeamericanheritagemonth The book follows our main character, Tookie, and her job in an independent bookstore. Prior to the main events of this book, we learn about Tookie's past and the series of events that led her to prison and, less than serendipitously, meeting her future husband. The main crux of the novel is the haunting of the independent bookstore by a past customer, the folklore and other recommendations she receives in an effort to find a way to remove this spirit, and how Tookie emotionally copes with this situation. Given the year (2020) and location (Minneapolis) where this book is set, we follow the characters as they live through and reckon with COVID and the murder of George Floyd. We love this book because the characters are so human, living through events that are still fresh and raw in our minds, that the story truly sucks you in. We also loved that she works at an independent bookstore, recommending books to customers, which really filled up our TBR pile. 4 stars!


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