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InstaReview: Treacle Walker by Alan Garner

"The stone is small, of little price; spurned by fools, more honoured by the wise."

As many of you know, the Booker Prize shortlist was announced recently and Alan Garner, with his 88th birthday on the horizon, takes the honor of the oldest author ever to be shortlisted. His latest work, Treacle Walker, is 150 pages of folklore, mysticism, and young protagonist, Joe, stumbling through the collapse of time and general absurdity of life. The temporal linearity is ambiguous, making the reader uncertain of when things are happening in relation to other events - creating a constant state of confusion. Additionally, the story is told in Old-English, using phrases like “Me know that pickthank psychopomp?” 🤔 Overall, we see the literary merit of Treacle Walker, but feel it's somewhat inaccessible as a selection for the shortlist.


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