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InstaReview: Upgrade by Blake Crouch

"Hunger, disease, war, warming - these threats loom over us like building storm clouds. But ninety-nine percent of humanity reads about our crumbling world in the morning headlines, then ignores it and gets on with their day."

Upgrade takes place in a not-so-distant future where gene editing has limitless potential and the Earth is on the brink of collapse. Logan, our narrator, is an average Joe who finds himself in an extraordinary situation. His team is conducting a governmental raid when an explosion knocks him out; he wakes up in a quarantine room with his life (and genome 🧬 ) forever altered. There are things we loved about this story and things that felt arduous. Throughout the novel there is technical jargon that the average reader won’t know and the meticulous writing may not be for everyone. Despite this, Crouch still packs a punch. Upgrade is a fast-paced story with timely thematics- if you had the power to “upgrade” the human species, would you do it?


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