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InstaReview: Woman, Eating by Claire Kohda

"I realized that 'demon' is a subjective term, and the splitting of my identity between devil and God, between impure and pure, was something my mum did to me, rather than the reality of my existence."

Woman, Eating is a vampire story in a less-expected form. The story follows Lydia, a vampire with a late human father and a guilt-stricken, self-loathing vampire mother suffering from dementia. Lydia is trying to make it as an artist in London- but of course, vampires have constraints-the most cliché ones. But this is not a cliché vampire story, as the story is an introspective look at how she deals with the near-constant desire to eat those around her, while making meaningful art and managing a mother in a nursing home. While this book was strange, it was very captivating. We recommend this lite "spooky season" read.


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